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Adult Students

FACP Program

Administrative Strategies' FACP training program has been developed with the assistance and technical expertise of our leadership team which is made up of experienced managers, licensed adjusters, GA, CPCU, AIC, AIM, ARM with an average 30 plus years of experience. The training program is currently approved for NFIP Certification and Mentoring Program by NFIP/FEMA.

Annual Flood Conference & NFIP Webinars

All participants in the FACP program must attend our annual flood conference as well as  attend one of the online NFIP Claims Adjuster Webinars. There are presentations available through March 28th, follow the link for more information about the classes and to register.

FACP Program Graduation
Requirements for Full FCN

Post-Test of Knowledge

Testing at end of program with minimum pass rate in order to graduate and continue in the program

Submit to a final examination for graduation in the program – final examination will include
preparation of final estimate, documentation, and work product on a sample file he/she will be given


Recommendations will be sent to the Bureau and Statistical Agent that a FCN number be issued upon successful completion of this program and the attendance of a Flood Certification Class.


Trainer and IA Firm Evaluation of Trainees
Administrative Strategies will utilize a team-based evaluation process to consider moving trainees
to each progressive level of training. Input will be taken from both the trainer as well as the internal
examiner and presented to the Administrative Strategies leadership team. The trainer will accumulate
data on the performance of the trainee to include scorecards and audits of the trainee’s work. Quarterly trainee reviews will take place between trainers and IA Firm leadership.

Licensing and Certifications

• FEMA Independent Study Adjuster Courses  |

      -Claims Review for Adjusters

     - Customer Service

     - Introduction to Commercial Claims

     - Introduction to Flood Claims

     - Understanding Basement Coverage

     - Elevation Certificate Overview

• Adjuster Xactimate Level 1 required
• Xactimate Level 2 recommended
• State Insurance P&C or All-Lines Adjusting License recommended
• Progress towards ANFI designation

Knowledge Requirements

At the end of the FACP flood adjuster’s training, adjusters must be able to show competency in the following areas (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Customer Service, Communication, and Setting Expectations

  • Ethics and Program Integrity

  • Building Materials, Assemblies, and Construction terminology

  • Using appropriate investigation protocols to identify a general condition of flooding

  • Scoping a Loss

  • Knowledge of the NFIP

  • Identify, explain, and document covered and non-covered water, moisture or mold damage, earth

  • movement, structural drying, and other common claim issues

  • Personal Property Adjusting

  • Proper photographing the property, waterlines, and the loss in support of the proof of loss or claim recommendation

  • Use of engineers and other experts

  • Coverage issues and Non-waivers

  • Addressing Prior Losses

  • Subrogation and Salvage

  • Effective Desk and Time Management

  • Describe a building and understand when to submit an underwriting Alert to the WYO company

  • Any other training considered necessary by the WYO Company or the Adjusting Firm

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